The Team (2015)

Dr. Lars Kalnajs

University of Colorado – Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics

Dr. Lars Kalnajs is an atmospheric scientist at University of Colorado’s Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics in Boulder, Colorado.   He has spent the last decade doing science in Antarctica; working on experiments ranging from operating a network of autonomous ground based chemical sensors, to launching a fleet of balloon to study the Antarctic Stratospheric Ozone Hole.   During the other half of the year, Lars designs and flies atmospheric chemistry and physics instruments on balloons and airplanes in the warmer parts of the world.  He particularly enjoys the challenge of making new and creative measurements in harsh and remote environments.   Lars is the Principal Investigator for 2ODIAC.

Lars Bio Photo

Dr. Lars Kalnajs


Dr. Michael Giordano

Drexel University

Mike recently received his PhD in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from the University of California, Riverside and is now working as a post-doctoral research associate at Drexel University. Mike has been involved in a wide spectrum of atmospheric aerosol research since first entering the field as an undergraduate at Columbia University. His interests include aerosol composition, hygroscopicity (cloud forming potential), and morphology and their effects on the Earth’s global radiative balance. Doing research in Antarctica has been a dream of his since entering the aerosols field and he is extremely excited to participate in 2ODIAC. This is Mike’s second Antarctic field season.


Dr. Mike Giordano


Dr. Andrew Slater

University of Colorado – National Snow and Ice Data Center

Dr. Andrew Slater is a cryospheric scientist at the National Snow and Ice Data Center, which is part of the University of Colorado. His work has ranged from hydrologic forecasting in snow dominated mountain regions to century scale projections of permafrost change through to seasonal Arctic sea ice prediction.  Andrew seeks to understand the physical environment through a combination of observations and modeling; he has participated in a numerous polar field campaigns in Alaska, the Arctic Ocean and Antarctica. He looks forward to investigating blowing snow processes during the 2ODIAC campaign.


Dr. Andrew Slater

Dr. Andrew Slater

Doug Goetz

Drexel University

Doug Goetz is a PhD candidate in Environmental Engineering at Drexel University in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Doug’s research interests include atmospheric measurements using mobile applications, aerosol composition, atmospheric dispersion modeling, and real-time instrumentation. As a fourth year graduate student Doug’s research has focused primarily on the monitoring of atmospheric emissions from unconventional natural gas resources and particulate emissions from anthropogenic activity in Nepal. This is Doug’s first trip to Antarctica and he is excited to be part of the 2ODIAC team!


Anondo Mukherjee

University of Colorado – Boulder

Anondo Mukherjee is a graduate student in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences department at the University of Colorado Boulder. Under the guidance of his advisor, Prof. Darin Toohey, Anondo’s research focus is the impact of atmospheric aerosols on air quality, regional climate, and the hydrologic cycle. This includes working with instruments that measure atmospheric properties such as aerosol size distributions, water vapor and cloud water content. Anondo is looking forward to being a part of the 2ODIAC campaign, and to investigate the relationship between fine-particle aerosol bursts and trace gas chemistry. Antarctica provides a unique opportunity for scientific inquiry, as well as the chance to experience an environment unlike anywhere else in the world. Stay tuned for stories and pictures from a world of ice, penguins, and polar stratospheric clouds!


Anondo Mukherjee

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  1. bill oman

    Hello to Doug! Hope you luck out on the weather! Take pictures of penguins if you can. Not many other places where they will be standing in the background.
    Will try to follow the project on the blog. Interesting and valuable work. All the best to you and the team. Bill Oman

  2. Li

    Hi to Anondo, hope you keep up your spirit in the cold and dark Antarctica! Always love to read your stories. Will follow you and your team’s blog

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