Monthly Archives: October 2014

Weather in Antarctica

Greeting from McMurdo!    We have been in Antarctica for about 9 days now. So far, a full 6 of those days have had travel restrictions due to weather! In McMurdo, there are 3 conditions of weather: Condition 3, 2, and 1, in order of increasing severity.   The definitions for the three conditions are […]

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What are Aerosols?

Aerosols What are aerosols? Aerosols, in general, are solid, liquid, or mixed particles suspended in a gas. Atmospheric aerosols are solid, liquid, or mixed particles suspended in Earth’s atmosphere, i.e. the air we breathe! Aerosols are found in every air mass on the planet. They exist over oceans, deserts, forests, ice and everywhere in between. […]

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Follow us on our Facebook page, here:   There is also a link to the facebook page along the topbar of this website, look for the FB “f”! The major updates and posts will occur primarily on this website but small daily updates, pictures, and shorter thoughts will be posted to the FB page. […]

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